Thursday, February 4, 2010

What If You Are Taken To the Hospital Unconscious

Do you have a preexisting medical conditions or take medications regularly?

Who should the hospital contact? You may want to include someone other then your spouse, a parent maybe. My wife and I were in a major car accident together and luckily I was conscious in the ER and could give them my father's telephone number.

With a word processor and some two-sided business card paper you can make nice little cards with your picture, emergency contact information, medical conditions, medications, blood type, allergies and insurance info. Make one for each of your family members and have everyone carry a copy of everyones card.

Do you have an allergy that may not warrant a medalert bracelet but people need to know about?

Allerglobal: "Allerglobal is a free service for people travelling to a foreign country. It allows you to create a ready-to-print card listing your food allergies in the language of your choice, so you can show it at restaurants or medical facilities of the country you are visiting."

Now this could be really useful and not just in foreign countries. This would be a great little card for your wallet. If you are taken to the hospital they really need to know what allergies you have.

Even if you aren't planning to leave the country making one in English, Spanish and Chinese would cover over 90% of restaurants.