Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Organizing The Home First Aid Kit

I've talked about Home First Aid Kits before, but yesterday I cleaned out the hall closet and figured that I needed to reorganize our Home First Aid Kit. It was spilling out of the two boxes we kept it, onto the shelf around it. I also found an old first aid kit we got from the store long enough ago that everything inside was expired except the scissors. And a couple of days ago we dragged out the boxes to find something and we still didn't find it. It was time to reorganize and make it much easier to use.

I decided to split the kit into three boxes.

The first thing to do was to realize the most important things should be the most accessible. So into the first box, the old commercial box with the nice label, went the bandaids & neosporin, thermometer, safety scissors and an ACE bandage. These are the things we use 99% of the time. It is now sitting in the middle of the closet where it is easy to reach and ready to roll.

The second kit got all the medicines, except the expired ones, those went out to the trash and their names on a list to buy replacements. And that got put on the top shelf, out of Princess Pea Pod's reach.

The third box got a bigger tote style box and into it went everything else: The knee brace, the heating pad, the hot water bottle, the splints, the gauze, the triangle bandages, and everything else that wasn't a poison hazard to our child.

There is even some room to spare which is good since we tend to but things to expand on the list as we learn about them and how to use them.