Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Increase Your DIY Knowledge for Free - DIY Week - Lifehacker

Increase Your DIY Knowledge for Free - DIY Week - Lifehacker: "Knowing how to do things yourself is a great way to save money—and it means you're less reliant on repairmen and buying expensive replacements. Increase your DIY knowledge for free with these handy resources."

For me it is not always about saving money, because occasionally it costs less to have someone else do it for me. Sometimes I just want to learn the skill.

I used a Hayes manual to change the pads on my disk brakes a couple of weeks ago. Which wasn't so bad, it only took me 4 hours. The rear brakes took a lot longer and a extra trip to the parts shop. A brake shop would take about 2 hrs and I could do something productive at the same time.

But there may be times when I'll have to do it on my own and having some rudimentary skills to fall back on would be very handy.

What skills would you find useful and could leverage for other things.