Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What If? Winter gets really bad.

Making Ripples: post-corporate adventures in Floyd County Virginia: Is this a preview of the climate change to come?: "We have been very fortunate this year, but I am beginning to wonder what will happen when the winters are significantly longer and colder. Are we going to be able to handle months and months of deep snow drifts and 10 degree weather?"

He is wondering about a possible global cooling. Whether it is happening or not is not the important part. It has happened and can happen again, just look at the Little Ice Age.

For some parts of the country this is a really bad winter. What happens if spring is a little late and we have another July 4th snow storm?
What about your heating bills?
What about the farmers how are they going to grow food if it is still snowing?
What would happen to food prices?
How would life in your city change?
What do you think the government would do?
What would you do?