Saturday, February 20, 2010

Boulder Struggles With Energy Conservation -

Boulder Struggles With Energy Conservation - "Even if residents implement every possible efficiency, it will take Boulder only part of the way toward its goal of slashing emissions of the pollutants linked to global warming."

And that is the whole problem. The solutions offered won't give the results desired and they know it. While doing things that would make huge differences they won't do.

Pres. Obama announced loan guarantees for a couple of nuclear power plants. I would count that as not exactly enthusiastic support. If he would rescind some of those other Presidential blockages and then I would believe him.

I live not far from Boulder and they are "14 square miles surrounded by reality."

Stop trying to bribe me with own money! Free from the government money which comes from me and my friends' tax money.

Leave me enough money to do it myself if I WANT to.

CFLs suck. I put in some and after 2 years half of them are dead. They needed to last 14 years to give me some ROI. I noticed that LED bulbs are starting to show up and next time I am going to try some of them. I've never seen an LED fail from normal use. They might last 14 years.