Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Layered Approach to Readiness

One of the big problems of getting ready is just how overwhelming it can be to get all that stuff together. 

And that's true, trying to buy this stuff in a lump sum would be extraordinarily expensive. But you have some level of most of these things in your home already. A quick home inventory will tell you where you are. 

And these are only suggestions and should be modified or at least evaluated on your circumstances.
For me right now in an apartment, the best I can do on the subject of water is what I call Better in the chart. We've just added a backpacking water purifier that will last for about 500 liters. It is really good since it is small and lightweight. That is the best we can do right now. But we can dream big for later.

3-14 days stored
15-30 days stored + small purifier
Long term water purification system
Utility independent water source: spring, well, river, lake, rainwater cachement
3-14 days stored
3-12 months stored
Small garden  + canning supplies + hunting supplies
Permaculture garden or farm
House or apartment
Tent or camper
RV or family’s house
Secondary residence
Candles, Flashlights, Batteries, UPS, Outdoor Grill
Camp stove, Oil lamps, Car inverter 
Generator and fuel.
grid independent alternative energy system (wind, solar, microhydro, &etc.)
Emergency fund
No Credit Card Debt
No debt but Mortgage
Debt Free
AM/FM Radio
Weather radio + FRS/GPRS/MURS 2-ways radios
shortwave radio + CB or Amateur 2-way handheld radios
Amateur Radio with alternative power
Medical Training
Basic First Aid
Advanced First Aid
EMT, Nurse

There are other things that I haven't included. Defense is a big one. For some people a baseball bat, mase or Taser might be best given the limitations of their jurisdictions. Other people think a handgun is best and others still an arsenal of one of every calibre rifle with 10,000 rounds of ammunition is best. So you'll have to use your best judgement on that subject.

Then there is a lot of other skills and equipment like car repair, woodworking, metalworking, and so on.