Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Will There Be Food Shortages?

Probably not outright shortages, but it looks like some foods will be more expensive then usual over then next little while.

The bees did not do to well this winter. It looks like we lost another third of the bees this winter, which has been happening since 2006.

And Roundup resistant weeds are spreading. Meaning more work for farmers which will have to charge more, to cover their costs.

The oil spill has pretty much shutdown the Gulf fisheries. California's Central Valley's water was shut off. The cooler then normal weather has reduced crop yields in many northern plains states. And ranchers have been encouraged to cull their herds for some time.

What can we do about it?

There are two things: Store inexpensive staples now and grow our own.

A lot of food is still quite inexpensive, so we might as well stock up now. It is a great inflation hedge and will help out in times of need. Just make sure you know how to cook it.

Start a garden. Get out there and plant some food for yourself. Learn the skills so if it does get bad you can feed yourself. It is a little late to start seeds but nurseries have plenty of plants for sale now.