Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Learning How To Cook for Survival: Part 5 Pots and Pans: Glass

Glass is a popular in bakeware, some of it is even safe for stovetop use. It is non-reactive and if its a borosilicate glass safe at oven temperatures. It is an amorphous solid making it an insulator so it takes so time to heat up but will also release the heat slowly, this can allow pans make of glass to cook foods more evenly. That also means it will cool more slowly once out of the oven. That makes it good for serving where it will keep the food warm on the table for a while.
Glass is susceptible to thermal shock, one of the easiest ways to break a glass dish, besides dropping it is to put it on something wet. That area cools and starts to contract which creating sufficient stress to shatter the pan.
Glass-ceramics such as Corningware have a very low coefficient of thermal expansion making them almost immune from thermal shock breakage.