Monday, May 17, 2010

Why An Emergency Fund Matters

Is your emergency fund big enough to replace the tires on your car?

Over the weekend we had to make use of some emergency finds.

As we were going out on Saturday night we ran over a nail and got a flat tire, just as we were going into a left turn lane with a red light. It was a two lane turn so we weren't really blocking traffic.

I turned on the hazard flashers and set out the triangle (lesson learned: put it far enough over so people will avoid you and not just the car.)

A friendly police officer pulled in behind us just as I was getting the jack set and offered to help, which was fine, as that let me unpack the spare and everything else.

A big plastic bag is great for putting the dirty old tire on to keep things cleaner in back.

I had noticed that one of the tires was getting a bit low in tread back on the equinox, so I have been looking into new tires. I figured I had a couple of more months but this forced the issue. Actually two of the tires were bad and needed replacing.

Tires are pretty much a commodity at the low end, and with more then 100,000 miles on the car I am not going to put really great tires on it. Depending on the sales you may be able to get a good deal but mostly the real variation is in service and other fees.

The real thing comes down to trust. I eliminated one store outright because they were hard selling me when I came to look, and I did not like them.