Friday, May 14, 2010

What are the Most Important Rooms of Your Home?

After reading Millioniare Mommy's post on how much a spare room costs. I got to thinking about what are the most essential rooms of our home.

Since we live on the Great Plains having a safe room is important. Last Spring we had tornados within 5 miles of our place for two weeks straight. It is also the bathroom so we get some multitasking action going. While a basement or steel reinforced concrete safe room would be ideal, we go with what we got. Our dream home has something better.

Obviously, if you live in a flood zone your safe room should be upstairs, if you live in/near a potential terrorist target city you have different concerns too.

The bathroom is vital for personal hygiene. The kitchen and pantry for food storage and preparation. The bedroom for sleep. The laundry to keep clothes and bedding clean. Finally, the utility rooms feeds those rooms with water, electricity and warm/cool air.

This is not a floor plan but an idea plan. In real life it wouldn't be unusual to have 2 pantries, a small one in the kitchen and a bigger one in the garage or basement. Most homes would have more then one bedroom and bathroom.

Obviously, you need a dining room or eating nook to sit and eat in, and a living room or family room for sitting in. But ask yourself how much you really need.

I've seen 4 bedroom/4 bath homes with 3 kitchens and 4 dining rooms. Just crazy. And then I've seen homes remodeled to make big holiday family meals easier but only get used twice a year. Something I want in my dream home is an eating nook that is open to the living room so we can extend the table for Thanksgiving and Easter when everyone comes over.