Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Peak Water

Tavis Smiley . Guest Blogger . Freshwater Scarcity: The Greatest Crisis Most Americans Have Never Heard Of | PBS: "History teaches that a difficult adjustment lies ahead, just as it has whenever population levels and key resource bases have gotten unsustainably out of balance. The chief question is how much suffering the adjustment will entail, and which societies make the nimblest adaptations and emerge as world leaders and which will not and decline."

So humans are all bad and are sucking the planet dry and all that. Admitted, we are using a whole bunch of pretty wasteful techniques to farm and stuff and we can do better.

Upfront costs are a big deal for farmers, so I understand that we haven't gotten to the latest and greatest tools and techniques. That is one of the problems of being an innovator, you are often leap-frogged by those you learned from your mistakes.

So what can we do? We can do some things to deal with our own family's water security. While being in an apartment isn't great even a suburban home would be better.

A well would be nice but it is the aquifers that are being depleted. So that might not be a good long term solution. But it is a good short-term solution.

If you live near an ocean or the Great Lakes some kind of system to purify water like a solar still or something would be very handy.

Rainwater harvesting is another solution. Straight from the sky the water is pure enough but after catching it with your roof you'll want to filter out the bird poop and other things. A big container to hold it in and some plumbing and such.

This is not the most urgent thing to work on. This is a medium to long term issue to work on. But it is something to keep an eye on.

You should have some stored water in your home for water main breaks, flooding and the like. A way to purify untreated surface water and things like that.