Monday, April 19, 2010

Volcanos, Solar Minimum and Agriculture

Any volcano spewing lots ash into the atmosphere is going to cool the earth slightly. That is just the way it happens the ash is reflecting more sunlight back into space. The Icelandic volcano comes at a time that may make its effects more intense. It is probably not enough to cause a Year Without a Summer.

The sun is showing a minimum of sunspots and it has been for longer then expected. So we are not getting quick as much warmth from the sun as we had been a few years ago, which was also in effect during Year Without a Summer.

El Nino is changing more rapidly then expected as well. This is an unknown from 1816, but it doesn't matter so much.

The thing is, is that it won't be a huge deal this year outside of Europe. Europe will have some problems this year. Crop yields will be down.

But next year (2011) may be more interesting, by then the ash cloud will have been distributed across the global atmosphere and so we'll be cooler then normal. 

If you are looking at gardening it might be a good idea to look into some extra cool weather plants for next year and storing up some extra staples.  Frost may come a little later in the Spring and come a little earlier in the Fall, but it shouldn't be anything we can't handle with a little preparation.