Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Bright Side of Hyperinflation by Tom Franklin

The Bright Side of Hyperinflation by Tom Franklin: "According to John Williams at, in an article titled Hyperinflation Special Report, hyperinflation is not only possible, but inevitable due to the overspending of the federal government, and the printing press of the Federal Reserve, which as Congressman Ron Paul continuously reminds us, prints money out of thin air. Williams’ report is a truly terrifying read that insists that the coming hyperinflation could get so bad that we will have to resort to the barter system as the dollar will become nothing more than very rough toilet paper. He cautions that electronic banking will cease to work and for a time no one will have any money at all, not even inflated currency. You can certainly imagine the type of Hell on earth this will create for the American people."

The best way to counter this would be to own your home outright, to grow your own food and have a source of water and energy.