Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peak Everything? - Reason Magazine

Peak Everything? - Reason Magazine: "The debate over peak oil is heavily politicized, so let's set it aside and test the idea of imminent resource peaks and their consequences for economic growth on three other non-renewable resources: lithium, neodymium, and phosphorus."

Oh bother. This is getting nuts. It just seems like more and more it isn't about doing good for the environment and more about controlling our choices.

Look at phosphorus, we can get plenty from our own urine. Why do we need special toilets? It all runs to water treatment plants anyway so why not separate it out there?

All it really takes is energy. Oh, yeah. We can't make much more energy because of cap and trade and Jimmy Carter's ban on reprocessing nuclear fuel.

Silly me, I thought this was about helping the little guy. I didn't realize that the "little guy" was a smelt.