Friday, March 5, 2010

When Hanlon's Razor breaks down

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity. -Robert J. Hanlon

Mid-week mandatory reading | And Still I Persist: "In other words, established ‘liberal’ policies actually hurt those whom the liberals would most like to protect."

For all the quacking about Bush being stupid and Obama being brilliant, they just don't matter, because they aren't really in charge. The ones really in charge of what is happening are all those little invisible bureaucrats that individually make tiny changes in the regulations of our country.

No. What I think is: These are the people who go to the wall when the cost of employing someone gets too high. We’ve spent the last seventy years increasing the hidden overhead and downside risks associated with hiring a worker — which meant the minimum revenue-per-employee threshold below which hiring doesn’t make sense has crept up and up and up, gradually. This effect was partly masked by credit and asset bubbles, but those have now popped. Increasingly it’s not just the classic hard-core unemployables (alcoholics, criminal deviants, crazies) that can’t pull enough weight to justify a paycheck; it’s the marginal ones, the mediocre, and the mildly dysfunctional.
I am also sure that almost all of them are well-meaning but since they bear none of the weight of their petty little regulations they don't mind adding just one more little thing to someone else's back. But now it looks like those with malice in their hearts are smelling blood in the water.

I love one commenters "Regulation is a luxury good" quip.

A lot of survivalist talk about TEOTWAWKI or SHTF as if it will be a quick or surprising incident. It might be but I doubt it. Right now it looks like things are like Venice, the tide comes in and floods everything, things continue for the long term with various annoyances. It's just the annoyances may be sewage.

America is a very big machine and there are some people throwing sand into the works. I mean who wants 20% unemployment. Sure, some people will vote for those who kept the government handout checks coming. I think most people would rather vote for someone offering them a job.

A lot of people talk about how the politicians in Washington DC are doing all these things out of a desire for power. Power is ephemeral, the slightest thing can make it evaporate. Look at the Iron Curtain, I was there less then a year before it fell. It looked like it would stand forever, and with one badly written speech, it came tumbling down. A teleprompter can't help you with that one.

Some people don't want to prepare because someone else might take it away. In some potential scenarios just being alive will make you a target, would you kill yourself now to avoid that? Of course not, that would be silly in the extreme.

Life has a lot to offer, it may be hard from time to time but it is worth it.