Monday, March 22, 2010

So what do we do now?

Hope is not dead
Faith is not dead
Charity is not dead

Freedom is not dead

However since those who are willing to try to take away freedom are in control at the moment it is time to prepare for ourselves and our families our own lifeboats. 

Many of us have come to realize that debt is very bad and to owe to no one is to be financially free. And that is very good indeed.

But is that the only kind of freedom? No.

Over the weekend water was used as a bribe for some Congresspeople, because you remember they cut off the water last year for a smelt. So now those districts got some (note: not all) water back. 
A well is an obvious source of water freedom, but there are others. Our roofs are great water collection devices, and right now most homes are landscaped to rush the water off the property as fast as possible. Finally in Denver we can have rain barrels to cache some water, which is great but we can do more. By redirecting the rain from our roofs to rain gardens and swales we can move the water all over our property and maximize our use of it. Go on and make a moisture farmer joke now, but water has been the start of feuds and wars before and may be again. If we can harvest lots of water then we can become water free. Now if you have plenty of water you can also grow your own food.

One major piece of legislation that usually gets no coverage is the Food Bill, but it really controls how much things cost at the supermarket. If you can produce as much food as you need in a year then you have achieved food freedom. 

You can do the same with energy, by using solar, wind or micro-hydro you can produce your own electricity. 

I am going to have to work this out in my mind a bit more but there is always hope. There is so much to do, we have some time but not all that much. Don't panic but move with deliberate speed. Become free in as many ways as you can.