Friday, March 12, 2010

Free Colorado: Stop the 'Amazon Tax!'

Free Colorado: Stop the 'Amazon Tax!': "The Colorado legislature and governor recently imposed a new law saddling online retailers and their customers with severe tax liabilities and red tape. But the only way Colorado can try to tax an out-of-state company (such as Amazon) is if that company has a business presence in Colorado. As a consequence, Amazon cut off its Associates program for Colorado residents who advertise for Amazon online. The legislature was warned in advance that the tax policy could cost Colorado businesses and possibly end the Associates program."

I am so tired of getting screwed by my governments. They can't have been this ignorant of what has happened in other states.

The only reason they want more revenue is so they can spend more on their pet social projects, which they hope will get them reelected.

Well, this golden goose is cooked. The phones may be jammed but they won't stay that way forever and there are other ways to get their attention.

All they really have to do is stop spending, but they can't do that. I wonder if they are brain damaged. Oh, wait that is an insult to the brain damaged.