Monday, March 15, 2010

Fear and Hungry: The Freedom Garden

If Glenn beck is right that people are willing to give up fundamental liberties if they are living in Fear and Hunger, then there are two things you need to do to prevent that.

To prevent fear you need to be prepared. A disaster downgrades to an emergency or even an annoyance if you are ready for it. There is a reason the Boy Scout motto is Be Prepared, if you know what to do before something happens you have no reason to panic, just because something bad happened.

It's panic that kills not the incident itself. When you panic you make stupid even detrimental decisions. Most people will go with whatever pops first into their mind and that is usually whatever they normally do which is called normalcy bias and will often get you killed because you may need to make a different decision.

The simplest solution to the problem of hunger is to store food now for the future. Having 3 days is just not enough no matter what the government says, that is just long enough for the criminals to figure out that they outgun the police, that is not a good time to start wandering around looking for food. 2 weeks to a month is good, 1-3 months is better and up to 1 year is best.

But if you want to be really free you need to be able to produce most of your own food. Lots of people talk about financial freedom but few ever talk about food freedom. Once you can produce most of your own food you are a much more free family.

The Freedom Garden
The power of compound interest is immense and it applies to more then money. When most people think of a garden they think of a annual garden that they have to plant every year. But there are perennial plants, trees and shrubs that will pay you back year after year.

One of the big downsides of a typical garden is that it is a lot of work to keep it free of weeds and pests. That best part about the permaculture garden style is that after the initial setup it takes a lot of care of itself.

You should look permaculture up yourself on Google there is even a college course available in iTunesU.