Friday, October 23, 2009

What Disasters are Likely in Your Area

While I can't tell you exactly what disasters are likely in your city, the people you can ask are the police, fire and Emergency Management departments of your city.

We live in Colorado and so we have a different mix compared to NYC or LA. We don't have to worry about hurricanes or tsunamis but blizzards and altitude sickness are some things we have to watch out for.

But here is a list of things to consider preparing for:
Altitude Sickness
Animal Attack
Biological leak
Car Crash
Crime such as Shooting or Theft
Death of a Loved One
Extreme Heat
Floods/ Flash Flood/ Dam break
Hazardous Materials Spill
Heat wave
House Fire / Structural fire
Hurricane/ Cyclone
Job Loss or Workplace Injury
Landslide/ Mudslide/ Debris flow
Nuclear and radiation accidents
Mass Casualty Incident (Multi-vehicle pile-up/ Plane crash/ Shipwreck/ Trainwreck, mass transit crash or building collapse)
Major Individual Medical Incident such as Heart Attack or Cancer
Terrorist Incident
Severe Storm/ Tornado/ Hailstorm/ Lightning
Utility Service Failure
Open Space Fire/Wildfire
Winter Storm/ Blizzard/ Ice Storm/ Extreme Cold/ Thunder Snow