Thursday, October 29, 2009

Let it snow and snow and snow

We got a bit of snow the last couple of days. You can see this car has great snow drift crawling over it.

Having a shovel in the car is certainly good but you still need to have something on the outside to reach the car in the first place.

Power has been stable but we have a few alternatives handy. I did pick up an extra 60 hour candle for the Jack 'O Lantern, multitasking is good.

My Ham radio batteries ran down while participating in to our net so it is recharging now, I need to remember to recharge them more often.

Our homeschool COOP was going to have a Halloween day but postponed it because of the snow.

I helped a girl who was having trouble getting her car into a parking spot there is a layer of ice under the snow which makes it treacherous for driving. The big problem of this snow storm is that it is the first snow of the season and most people seem to have forgotten that snow is slippery over the summer. When we commuted between Colorado Springs and Denver on snowy days I started counting the number of cars on the side of the road I quickly noticed that most of the vehicles were SUVs, we were halfway there before we saw the first car so I kept a SUV to car count. It started out at 10:1, and it took until March until they met parity. Drivers seem to think 4x4s have claws or something, it only gives you 4Wheel-Go, not 4Wheel-Stop or 4Wheel-Steer.

The thing I peeves most about these storms are the Snow Cruisers. You know these guys, its always guys, they have the 4x4 and they justified buying it with "I can drive it in the snow." Well, it snowed and so they have to drive it around. Actually, the funniest thing I have seen was the one guy down the street from my BIL he wanted to go snow cruising but all he did was block the street for an hour or so in front of his driveway. It looks like he had bald tires or something but he drove back into his garage and shut the door behind him.

If you do have a 4x4 get some good snow tires for it. A great trick I learned for an old state trooper is to have a complete set of snow tires for the vehicle on rims and a good jack so you can just swap them out in the garage real fast and then you can change it all back when the weather is good.