Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Caught the flu and made some chicken soup

Well, we caught the flu, it is deeply annoying.

We were almost out of chicken stock so I grabbed a big party pack of chicken wings at the store and whipped up a half batch of chicken stock. I forgot to freeze up some small water bottles but dumping ice into plastic bags worked just fine. The temperature of the stock dropped to about 60F in half an hour the frig can easily handle that.

Then I sweated up some onions, garlic and carrots with plenty of salt. Then added a cup of the stock and water. I really like the wing-based stock because they tend not to produce too much fat and with all the connective tissue releasing collagen the stock sets up like Jello in the frig.

Once the stock melted and everything came up to boil, I backed off the heat and added some leftover roast chicken and a 1/4 cup of Acini de pepi pasta, they plump up almost like barley.

Just the smell was wonderful and the taste... Campbell's eat your heart out.

Afterwards I was thinking that if we hadn't had the pasta we could have made a thickener out of some of the schmaltz and some flour (a couple of tablespoons each) and then we could have made a cream of chicken soup. Which could be fun.

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