Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What Classes Should Your Family Take

There are so many things that they don't teach in school.

The biggest one that makes no sense to me, not to teach, is a First Aid class. The most important thing it teaches is not Airway, Breathing and Circulation but is in how to prepare for and approach a situation and how to improvise. My wife and I did that and it helped a lot in dealing with our car crash even though we were the "victims" I had to direct the zeroth responders what to do.

We also got involved with Ham Radio. We think it is great since it is a reliable backup communications system, and we have met a whole bunch of good, interesting people.

That lead us to Weatherspotting, the weather in Colorado can get pretty bad with thunderstorms and tornados. A lot of Hams are weatherspotters.

And that lead us to CERT which we have to do.

There is also things like sewing, gardening and auto repair.

You need to decide for yourself what to learn and how to split it up in your family.