Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Moving Kit

We've moved and helped lots of families move and one thing I have learned is you need to have a few things handy when you finally get everything unloaded, which will be late in the day and you'll be exhausted. These are the things you want packed in the car so they are handy. The idea is to give yourself a little bit of comfort and not have to dig through boxes when you would rather just lay down and sleep.

Have your 72 hr kit handy as bad things happen when they do not on your schedule.
You'll also want a change of clothes, bedding and towels.
Extra sheets and pushpins to cover the windows.
A tool kit for putting things back together.
Cleaning supplies, because who knows how well they cleaned things when they left and how long ago that was.
Toiletries, particularly toilet paper, paper towels and trash bags.
Some plates, glasses and utensils, not all of them, just enough for everyone to have a set. Plastic would be fine until you've found everything.
A pad of sticky notes and a big marker, that way you can mark each room (bedroom 1 &etc.) and the movers can just put things in the right room right way.