Tuesday, November 3, 2009

People Know You Are Prepared

At the church Halloween party last weekend one of the sisters came up and asked if I had a screwdriver or Swiss Army Knife because she needed a tiny screw tightened. Loose glasses.

I am the preparedness nerd so it is not surprising that I had what she needed, but it is still odd to have someone come up in the middle of a party to ask for something. I think people know when someone is prepared or not, just by the way we act.

When we are prepared we are more confident and at ease with life. I believe that shows.

I can't tell you how often some random person asks me for advice on buying something or other when I am shopping for something. The week before last it was someone asking where the copy machine was in the supermarket (next to Customer Service is always a good bet). The guy asking for help with a suit was a little out of my league, I was just wandering around waiting for my wife to try a new dress on, what do I know about suits?

This will freak some survivalist out because they would prefer to be invisible. That no one knows about their stash at all. They may even have done things to disguise their preparations.

I don't think it works that way. They may not know what you have but they know you have something mainly because you are not freaking out.

I think that it is actually much more important to develop a community of people around us to support each other. Our nation would not be in the shape it is in if people were just a bit more prepared. Not everyone needs a year's supply of food in the basement, but everyone should have a 72 hour kit and 2 weeks of food in the pantry. Then hardly anyone would ever freak out.