Friday, January 15, 2010

More on Haiti and community preparedness

Haiti 48 hours later - The Big Picture - "Two days after the magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck beneath Port-au-Prince, Haiti, some of the massive damage is becoming more apparent."

Mind blowing pictures of the devastation.

There is also some security video from outside, it was very violent.

Popular Mechanics wonders about what preventative measures could have been taken. Mainly cutting out corruption and not cutting corners in construction.

We've passed the 72 hour mark and now a big worry would be the criminals figuring out that the law is not working and they can take charge because they still have guns and organization.

One of the things my church is working on is organizing the members in case of a major disaster. We have a few hundred people spread over a good sized area.

Mapping them out has been a bit of a pain. Fortunately, they have tended to clump together so we are organizing the neighborhoods and apartment complexes and mobile home parks into what we are calling blocks which are about a mile square.

We are calling people as block captains who will have radios and will check up on people during a disaster. This is our Plan B if the telephone system is down.

We are working through the scenario of no power or phones and a Tornado or Blizzard being the disaster. Those being the most likely or our area.

Ideally we want everyone on ham radio since we already have a thriving Ham community, but we'll probably use FRS/CB for those who don't have a Ham license.

It takes time to build a prepared community but it will be very worthwhile if it ever needs to be activated.