Monday, June 7, 2010

Disturbing Job Ads: 'The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered'

Disturbing Job Ads: 'The Unemployed Will Not Be Considered': "In a current job posting on The People Place, a job recruiting website for the telecommunications, aerospace/defense and engineering industries, an anonymous electronics company in Angleton, Texas, advertises for a 'Quality Engineer.' Qualifications for the job are the usual: computer skills, oral and written communication skills, light to moderate lifting. But red print at the bottom of the ad says, 'Client will not consider/review anyone NOT currently employed regardless of the reason.'"

I understand that companies need to filter resumes. I saw a company that got a stack of resumes 5 feet tall every week, without the envelopes. That is a lot. Far too many to actually read individually.

So they add requirements: college, x GPA or higher, x years of experience, &etc.

How's that working for you? Do you really need someone with a BS for being a retail clerk? A 3.9 GPA for driving a package delivery truck?

I remember one of my professors telling us something significant that he noticed about students when he asked them to do thing.
For example, he would ask a student to fix an electric motor and bolt it on a wooden base.
An A student would quickly tinker with the motor and put it on the wooden base. It might work.
A B student would tinker with the motor for a while and mount it with a hand tightened bolt. It might work.
A C student would get the motor working and mount it on the base and it would tell the professor that it was done, but would take the longest time.

Which one would you hire?